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Happy Residents of Clara Welch Thanksgiving Home, 48 Grove Street, Cooperstown New York

Hear from Our Residents

Explore living at Clara Welch Thanksgiving Home through the testimonials provided by our residents. From heartfelt praises to detailed feedback, these testimonials offer a glimpse into the exceptional experiences enjoyed by residents, helping prospective visitors make informed decisions about joining our home.


"Significant time is given to identifying each resident's personality, skills, interests, wishes, and what's important currently. Events and activities are created and matched to meet the unique qualities of the individual. Interpersonal engagement is a priority and residents feel welcomed in every facet of their daily experiences. Respect and praise, a 10 on a 10-point scale." 

—Bob Hage

"Our mother was blessed to call the Thanksgiving Home her home for 14 years… She loved and respected her new family and was respected and loved…" 

—Claudia Griffiths

"We remain deeply thankful and appreciative for the quality of life, attentive professional care, and loving considerations our mom received at the Thanksgiving Home." 

—Claudia Griffiths

"Clara Welch Thanksgiving Home is unique. It is a lovely setting run and staffed by many caring people who are truly interested in the well-being of the residents. We felt so fortunate to have found such a great place for our family member's later years." 

—Ellen Coccoma

"Our mother was a resident for 6 years - she loved everything about being there.  From all the activities, she proudly went to everything they offered, to the amazing staff, our family couldn't think of any other place better for her to call home. They cared deeply for our mom, and there is no better feeling than to know your loved one is being taken care of." 

—The Brayden Family

"The Clara Welch Thanksgiving Home has been a true blessing for our family and has provided a safe and caring home for our loved one. We are so grateful for their amazing staff and the personal attention and support they provide every day." 

—Shirley Schue

"CWTH is a very special place that has been indispensable in helping me care for my mom since arriving at age ninety-five. Through COVID and a mild stroke the staff and its leadership have always done what is in her best interest.  Communication is open, honest, and caring, with maintenance of dignity being primary on everyone's agenda.   And the beauty of the facility is second to none." 

—Deanna Palumbo